Friday, October 3, 2008

José Basualdo

Argentina’s era of success was initiated in 1978 and continued in the following years with another title in Mexico 1986 and a runner-up’s medal in Italy 1990.

Some of the leading lights of both Carlos Bilardo’s teams were there at the Monumental stadium to play their part on the pitch and bring colour to the event.

Here’s what Basualdo had to say…

It’s alway great to be around the national team. From that era, I remember idolising Kempes and Luque, along with Fillol. But everyone deserves a special mention. The title triggered a wave of emotion that exceeded other things that were going on in other parts of the country. Physically, we’re all in good shape apart from Tarantini ”.

And everyone laughed...

In our days he is the coach of Peruvian team Cienciano del Cuzco.

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