Monday, April 13, 2009

Roman Pavlyuchenko - he last warrior

Last season Tottenham probably had the best attack in the league, as the manager had four excellent strikers to choose from.

The attack was certainly one part of the team that needed no changes, but the management didn’t feel that way.

Berbatov and Keane created great attacking partnership, with Defoe and Bent providing cover.

Jermain Defoe was the third-choice striker and he is regular in the national team and he is excellent in Portsmouth this season.

First Defoe was sold to the Pompey, and then this summer Berbatov and Keane transferred to big rivals Manchester United and Liverpool respectively.

These two players are already part of the starting line-up, which speaks enough of their quality.

It seems that the worst player of the mentioned four strikers stayed at the club and this is the clear cause of bad results this season.

The only real striker who arrived was Roman Pavlichenko, who is the same type of player as Darren Bent, and Ramos already stated that these two cannot play together.

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